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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Deleted Scenes Review!

It’s no secret that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of my favorite Star Wars films. I always jump between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi as my favorite.  So I was thrilled to learn that the deleted scenes on the Blu-ray for The Last Jedi were over 20 minutes long. I wanted to break each scene down and go over my thoughts on them.

Luke Skywalker Mourns Han Solo’s Death

When I first saw The Last Jedi, I was disappointed that Luke’s reaction to Han’s death was so quick. We see Luke ask “Where’s Han?” in the film, and then that was it. In a deleted scene entitled “Luke takes a moment,” Hamill delivers a tear-jerking performance. We see Luke tell Rey that he won’t help fight the First Order, which is in the film, then he shuts the door to his hut. Luke looks out his door to see Rey still standing there, we then see Luke kneel down in his hut and begin to tear up as he realizes Han has been killed. The scene then cuts to Leia aboard a Resistance ship also mourning Han’s death.

The scene is really beautiful and It gives us a second to mourn Han with Luke Skywalker and Leia. I do honestly wish that this was kept in the film.

Mega Destroyer Incursion 

This deleted scene features Finn, DJ, Rose, and BB-8 influtrating Snoke’s Mega Star Destroyer. It is more like an alternate take to what we got in the film. In this version, a officer notices that Finn and the others look out of place. Our heroes are in in an elevator as the officer quickly approaches, Finn keeps on hitting the elevator button to close. The door closes and off they go, but not without a snag. A group of stormtroopers board, and this is the Tom Hardy cameo that we talked about last year, Tom Hardy plays a stormtrooper that knew Finn when he was FN-2187; Hardy doesn’t know that FInn is a “traitor” and congratulates him on his promotion as he slaps him on the butt.

I understand why this scene was cut to a certain degree. I really like when the stormtroopers are humanized and I feel that this scene did that perfectly. The scene isn’t completely finished as you can hear Tom Hardy’s voice without the stormtrooper voice modulator, so that threw me off at first, but it would have worked pretty well in the film with the modulator. At the end of the day, this scene was not needed in the final cut.

Caretaker Village Sequence 

Another one of my favorite deleted scenes is the final interaction with Luke Skywalker and Rey before they square off and the truth of Kylo Ren is revealed. Luke tells Rey in this scene that the caretakers are being attacked by bandits in which Rey immediately says they have to help them. Luke says if she was a true Jedi then she would do nothing as the bandits would come back in bigger numbers each month to attack the caretakers. Unless she plans to stay on the island, then she should do nothing. Naturally, Rey dismisses what Luke says and darts off to save them.

When Rey finally arrives she bursts through the caretakers’ village, lightsaber drawn, only to find that they are not being attacked at all; rather they are simply having a party.  The caretakers look in shock and motion Rey to move the lightsaber like a glow stick–it is a pretty hilarious moment, We then see Chewbacca and R2-D2 partaking in the party, which gave me massive Return of the Jedi Ewok party flashbacks. Rey meets with Luke as Luke starts laughing at her. Daisy Ridley gives a great performance as Rey breaks down at Luke telling him their real friends are dying while they are doing nothing. This makes Luke think about what she says. I absolutely adored this scene, and this is another scene I personally think should have been included in the film. It shows that Luke is really thinking about how he really is doing nothing to help his friends, and is a great setup to when he does save them on Crait.

It’s Kind Of Weird That You Recorded That 

This scene features BB-8 tirelessly trying to get Finn’s attention, Finn is looking pretty sad as he looks at the beacon that would help Rey find her way back to him. I believe this is where he is contemplating leaving the Resistance to find a safe location for Rey. BB-8 projects a hologram recording of Rey kissing Finn goodbye at the end of The Force Awakens. Finn says to BB-8, “It’s kind of weird that you recorded that but thank you!” Finn then rushes off presumably to the escape pods. This is a great scene but ultimately I understand why it was cut.

Alternate Opening 

Originally the film was going to open up with Finn waking up in the bacta tank, It is the same scene that was left in the final cut of The Last Jedi, but in this version we see more of Finn walking around the base. Finn witnesses the escape from D’Quar as multiple First Order ships appear, we cut to a shot of Poe talking to Connix (Billie Lourd) about the escape. You have the option of having a commentary of Rian Johnson discussing these scenes, and he says this was a very elegant scene to start with, but ultimately the final version showcases the stakes of the film, which I definitely agree with. I love how we get to see alternate versions of scenes, which brings us to our next scene:

Captain Phasma Alternate Death Scene 

I am sure most of you saw this deleted scene last week on “The Star Wars Show.” This scene is Captain Phasma’s original death. In this version we see stormtroopers cornering Finn after he breaks off some of Phasma’s helmet. This scene humanizes the stormtroopers yet again. As the troopers point their guns at Finn, Finn finds the opportunity to reveal how Phasma dropped the Starkiller shields during The Force Awakens. Phasma constantly calls Finn a traitor, so to see him throw that back at her was great. You can really see how fearful Phasma is when FInn is telling the stormtroopers this, and that’s only from a slit of her face. That is a testament to Gwendoline Christie’s acting.

Phasma asks Finn, “Who would believe a story like that?” The stormtroopers all look at each other realizing what Finn is saying is probably true. Phasma than guns down each trooper as Finn rushes her, then Finn then chops Phasma’s left hand off (Jason hinted at this moment last year). Finn shoots Phasma with a cannon as she goes flying into the flames; Rose then picks up Finn. This is way better then the way Phasma “died” in the final cut. Seeing the fear from Phasma was something really unique. It is also really cool seeing stormtroopers realize that their leader isn’t all that she pretends to be, and is just a coward. This was a fantastic scene. I am pretty sure that the reason they changed it is to include Phasma in Episode IX. Though I think this scene could have been open ended as well.

Rose Bites The Hand That Taunts Her 

This scene features Hux bashing Rose’s homeworld and admitting proudly that he recalls the downfall of her planet. Hux then places Rose’s necklace around her neck, and Rose takes this opportunity to bite Hux’s finger. I understand why Rose did that but I am glad it was cut. It was kind of an odd scene. Not sure how well if would have worked if it ended up in the final film, though I am happy Rose fans get to see this scene in some form.

The Caretaker Sizes Up Rey  

I also really love this scene between Luke Skywalker and the caretakers. This scene follows directly after Rey shoots her blaster at Kylo during the first”Force Skype” session. The caretaker argues with Luke about Rey. It’s a cool scene because we get to see Luke’s relationship with the caretakers a little bit more. Rian explains how this was left in till the very last version of the film.

Paige’s Gun Jams

This was the original introduction to Paige Tico in which her gun jams as she tries to shoot at TIE fighters in her bomber. The gun eventually starts working as she blows up TIEs. She then grabs her pendant and grasps it. It is a nice scene but I like the final scene more.

Extended Fathier Chase 

The original Faither chase scene was about six minutes long, which is of course is too long, in my opinion. I enjoyed the film version that we got. Had we gotten this version I think the audience would have gotten board pretty quickly. We get to see Warwick Davis’ character in this sequence though; that part I wish would have stayed in as it was pretty funny. All in all, I don’t think this was shot to include the full chase in the film, they probably shot a longer sequence so that they could edit what they wanted for it in the end.

Pictured above is Warwick Davis’ character on Canto Bight.

Poe: Not Much Of A Sewer 

This scene was pretty sweet, but made sense to be cut. Finn talks to Poe about not wanting to stick around with the Resistance and that he’s not a soldier. Poe ignores him and gives him back his jacket that was cut up by Kylo Ren at Starkiller Base. Poe reveals in a funny way that he sewed it up. It’s a really great scene between the two, no doubt about that.

Their are a few 5-10 second deleted scenes also on the Blu-ray that are pretty nice, but obviously very quick. One features Rey and Chewbacca on the Falcon. All in all, I am very happy with all the deleted scenes and feel that we are starting to get the George Lucas level of special features from the Prequel Trilogy days. Between these deleted scenes, the multiple documentaries, and the film, $25 is a steal of a deal for this set. What was your favorite deleted scene?


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