THE SITH LIST EP. 84 -Toppings include -SW Live Action Series, Marvel, GOT and Stephen King

This week, on Episode 84 of “THE SITH LIST”! Iraj, Boo (Carlos), Les, and Eric welcome Rebecca O’Hanlon into the Sith Lair to discuss everything that went down in the land of GEEKDOM!


  • Box Office – Wakanda 4-Peats!
  • Star Wars Talk – New live-action series, deleted scenes and all kinds of extras.
  • Ready Player One & Tomb Raider “first reactions”
  • 12 female characters Marvel should introduce in Phase 4
  • Wonder Women gets a Wigg
  • Video game talk
  • The Walking Dead Talk 
  • Rebecca plays the FlashRound
  • Emails and Voicemails

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