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A few more Solo: A Star Wars Story photographs and info from EW!

EW has posted a few familiar photos from Solo: A Star Wars Story today. The photos are entirely new but they’re not far from some of the shots we have seen in trailers and television spots so far. Anthony Breznican writes that in this film Han Solo is trying to be the hard, selfish guy we met in A New Hope.  The really cool stuff in this EW piece is the text itself that describes Han and Qi’ra as the space-fantasy equivalent of Bonnie and Clyde.

In EW‘s piece Ron Howard describes Han’s journey:

“It really is a rite of passage,” Howard says. “The story sends him on an unexpected journey that hurtles him into a dangerous world surrounded by charismatic but lawless characters. And that’s where he needs to try to make his way and gain his freedom. So, so much of this is about trying to satisfy that yearning to really be free, to really call his own shots in a very lawless part of the galaxy and at a time when it was wide-open.”

Howard’s words almost remind me of the way Americans used to see the automobile. Is the Falcon part of Han getting his “wheels” and therefore his freedom?

Head over to EW for all the details. There’s some interesting comments on Chewbacca and Lando that might interest you. We’re almost to the movie–it isn’t that far off now. We have a month and some change to go!

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