I’ll let you in on a secret. When #StarWars Twitter/Social Media is a downer, I have a solid go-to: @JoonasSuotamo.

Suotamo, a former NCAA basketball player at Penn State (and a former insurance salesman) from Finland, is the heir to the legendary Peter Mayhew’s portrayal of Han Solo’s favorite “fuzzball,” with Joonas appearing in The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

He is also 6-foot-10.

But you know all that…

So here are a few recent posts from and about Suotamo that may just set up your Star Wars Saturday properly.

The video he mentioned is below:

One of the best things about following Suotamo is watching him enjoy being part of the Star Wars universe:

This was a fun interview with Joonas on The Star Wars Show:

Then there’s this clip (with his newborn) – a trailer reaction:

Speaking of baby:

And, finally, Suotamo on learning to forgive the Porgs (for stealing Chewbacca’s scenes) and working on and around the sets of Star Wars:

Obviously, there’s nothing earth-shattering here. However, Suotamo seems like a person who is enjoying the moment, his role, and his life. He also seems like the kind of guy who’d sit down and enjoy a Karhu with you–if he wasn’t being followed by a legion of Wookiee seekers.

Frankly, for me, it all boils down to one of Suotamo’s quotes: “It’s a blessing to be part of a project like this…”

With all of the stuff that can get in the way of enjoying Star Wars, I’m delighted to see someone enjoying his part in the Saga. Thanks for letting us in, Joonas!

I can’t wait for Solo: A Star Wars Story. JB

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