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Enfys Nest Dialogue from Solo: A Star Wars Story Story!

There have been several TV spots and trailers for Solo: A Star Wars Story so far, one character that keeps popping up in them is Enfys Nest. As cool as Enfys looks, we never actually hear her talk… until today! Hasbro’s Force Link 2.0 finally started working today after a three-week delay. The Force Link interacts with Hasbro’s 3.75” action figures. When you wave the device over the figures, they talk. This was a gimmick introduced for The Last Jedi assortment. If you remember, we first broke how D.J. sounded like from that last year. This time, we get to hear what Enfys Nest sounds like.

Here is some one of the dialogue:

“The only law out here is my law”.
“Marauders, bring me their weapons!”
“Marauders, show no mercy!”
“Let’s move out. It’s time to bring home some credits.”
“The war has just begun.”
“The prize will be mine!”

I did my best to capture audio from the Force Link, but honestly that device has a mind of its own and just plays what it wants to play over and over again until finally new dialogue pops up. If you had any doubts that Enfys is a female, this should clear things up. She absolutely is. It sounds like she’s going after whatever big “prize” Han and his gang are going after. Dryden Vos probably told multiple groups about this prize and that’s why we see them going after it simultaneously. We’ll know for sure when we all see Solo: A Star Wars Story on May 25th!

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