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Hasbro Solo: A Star Wars Story 3.75” Chewbacca Figure Review!

Most of us here at Making Star Wars either collect Star Wars figures or buy them for their kids. Whatever the case is, we all have some sort of attachment or story to Star Wars collectibles. Hasbro figures are of course one of the biggest points of focus among some collectors. We thought it would be fun to add a collecting portion to the site where we take a look at some of the new products from companies such as Hasbro and Funko. I wanted to start with everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca!

This version of Chewbacca is from Solo: A Star Wars Story. The packaging is very vibrant this time around. It features a yellow Star Wars logo along side an image of the character next to it. This figure is part of the Force Link 2.0 line, though the Force Link 2.0 won’t work with Solo figures until May 1. That is pretty messed up considering people are buying it with the notion that it’ll work right away. I certainly fell into that false advertising trap.

The back of the package is pretty lackluster and doesn’t feature anything too exciting. I do miss the days where you could see an entire wave of action figures advertised on the back of the package.

This Chewie features his new bandolier and blaster. I believe Hasbro painted the figure a bit different than other versions to make him look younger. The detail throughout is very nice, featuring shades of brown, black and grey. Chewbacca only has five points of articulation including a ball-jointed head, swivel shoulders, and swivel hips. I really love the head sculpt on this guy. His hair is slicked back just like in Return of the Jedi. I do think this look for Chewbacca is my favorite and I wish that this was his sequel trilogy design as well.


As I stated earlier, the blaster is completely different from his traditional bowcaster. It reminds me a lot of his Clone Wars-era blaster.

Here is how Chewbacca scales next to his buddies Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. All in all, I’d give this Chewbacca a 4.5/5 stars. I can’t give a 5POA figure a solid five stars just due to the limited articulation. If you are a collector of 3.75” Star Wars figures, I’d say this is an absolute must-have for your collection. You can currently pick him up at retail, but if your having trouble locating him he’s also available on most online stores such as Amazon. Chewie retails for $7.99-9.99 depending on where you pick him up. If you’re interested in checking out a video review of this figure follow the link below to check out one I shot:

Let us know what Solo figures you’ve picked up so far!

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