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Infinity Star Avengers Wars? Marvel’s Kevin Feige on “The Star Wars Show”

Marvel Studios' president talks Star Wars on the award-winning web show

Everyone who reads this space knows how much I appreciate “The Star Wars Show.” And, naturally, I am not the only one:

So, it was with sincere pleasure that I saw the team take home three Webby Awards on April 24.

The official release explained:

The team at The Star Wars Show was humbled to be named as an honoree in the Film & Video category for Entertainment, while the special Live from the Red Carpet of Star Wars: The Last Jedi coverage earned an honoree nod in Events & Live Streams.

They added:

We’re also thrilled to report that the stunningly immersive Star Wars: Jedi Challenges won both the People’s Voice Award and the Webby Award for Best Use of Augmented Reality and Technical Achievement. And Electronic Arts was also named an honoree in the Film & Video category for Trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II.

The sincerest form of flattery

Then, last night, I was equally pleased to see Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige appear on weekly video magazine, where he spoke about his love for the Star Wars Saga, and how it intersected with his Marvel fandom – culminating in 18 films over ten years.

“Yes, focusing on this tenth anniversary and I’ll tell you a secret,” began Feige, interviewed by “The Star Wars Show” co-host Anthony Carboni, “we have a cool new logo that says ‘Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years.’

“That was directly ripped off of my very positive memories of 1987 and Star Wars: The First Ten Years.”

Currently promoting Avengers: Infinity War, Feige explained how much the recognition of that anniversary meant to him.

“Lucasfilm acknowledged the tenth anniversary, and they called it the first ten years, which got me excited as a fan to think, well, there would be more. ‘Must be the first of many,’ [he thought]. And it took many years to fulfill that,” he said. “But as we were saying let’s celebrate our tenth anniversary [at Marvel Studios] and I was trying to come up with a tagline, we just stole it from the Star Wars anniversary.”

It started with Star Wars

All of which was a direct homage to the movie that started it all for Kevin (and pretty much everyone else).

“I knew I wanted to be a part of these type of movies and the Marvel source material… I knew some of when I was kid,” he said. “I had the pajamas; I had the toys, I watched cartoons.”

So, when he was handed the wheel, he decided to be bold.

“I [said], it’s all right here in these comics and really believed that these characters could become these amazing cinematic icons,” said Feige.

Check out “The Star Wars Show,” and the Kevin Feige interview, below:


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