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The Solo: A Star Wars Story products are here!

Lucasfilm has unveiled all the new products from the next Star Wars film.On Friday we will see the release of all the new Solo: A Star Wars Story products from various companies. If you like the goofy stuff, the serious stuff, the crazy stuff, or the film accurate stuff, there should be something you enjoy here. We expect there will be more reveals via the major outlets as well. I’m personally really hoping they make some of those Disney Store jackets because there’s nothing I like more than seeing my kids wear those.


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If you want to see the rest of the Solo merchandise line up, head on over to StarWars.Com! We will likely be able to give you the heads up when exclusives hit the shops and we see them there so check this site or the @MakingStarWars Twitter account. We also look forward to reviewing these products so hopefully if you’re on the fence about anything we end up hitting it up and letting you know if it is worth it or not. The Han Solo in his speeder is coming home with me for sure.

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