Spoilers for Marvel’s current Darth Vader run ahead…

Marvel Star Wars Comic Review: Darth Vader No. 14

Image: Marvel

It’s good, okay?

Unfortunately, it’s just not as good as previous issues…

We pick up in Darth Vader No. 14 with a battle raging over Mon Cala.

Walkers and TIE fighters blitzkrieg Dac City, and King Lee-Char (of Clone Wars fame) fights desperately to maintain sovereignty over the planet.

Darth Vader, backed by his Inquisitors and elite, black-clad stormtroopers defeat the planetary defense to take a key–i.e., above the sea–landing platform.

Marvel Star Wars Comic Review: Darth Vader No. 14

Image: Marvel

But the territory is not the Dark Lord’s desire. Vader seeks the king, whom he knew as a Jedi, and who is now a reliable link to a rogue band of Force-users led by Jedi Master Barr.


When we last discussed this series, I sincerely thought the hooded Jedi of this arc might be Quinlan Vos.

Nope. And shame on me for thinking twice about the Jedi being a new face, rather than one of the familiar visages from earlier properties.

But there it is: I’m disappointed. Sue me.

Also disappointing was the relative lack of action or discovery in this book, at least as compared to previous issues. Yes, we see flashbacks to the Prequel Trilogy and Clone Wars, but there’s very little that’s new or not specifically expository.

Also, and perhaps owing to the relatively clipped color palate of the issue–perhaps due to to the abundant and elaborate water scenes–there were, much like Vader, cracks in the (artistic) armor.

However, let’s not get too deeply critical… it’s worth your time.

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