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Marvel Star Wars Comic Review: Poe Dameron No. 26

The Awakening: Part I

Spoilers ahead for any number of Star Wars properties…


The last time we left the Poe Dameron comic, we concluded by quoting writer Charles Soule’s blog:

Poe Dameron #26 flashes forward in time – and if the story we see in #25 is set just before The Force Awakens, you can probably guess where we’re going – straight into Episode VII… It’s not exactly how you think, though, and the way we’re telling the story is extremely cool, and I can’t believe I get to do it.

IMHO: Soule and Co. did a tough job well in issue 26.

However, I believe, ultimately, that this issue makes its mark via the many panels picturing Poe, Rey, and Finn–hours (minutes?) after the rescue at Crait–casually (sleepily) sitting around the Millennium Falcon‘s dejarik table and riffing about the previous few days.

Marvel (thanks Steele)

Rey’s opening line of, “If there is one thing I’m beginning to learn, Poe, it’s that you can’t dwell on changing the past…” had me pause my reading to reflect, as did her questioning Poe to the tune of “I’m just saying… I don’t think I’ve ever crashed anything I’ve been flying…”

And I love Finn’s retort of “Huh. Maybe REY’S the best pilot in the galaxy.”

I mean, this is friendly banter, but it also strikes me as three leaders of the Resistance testing each other. It also makes me think that all three of our heroes are pretty tired, weary, and are looking for a hint as to what the next move might be.

Meanwhile, Rey is sizing up what to do with the Skywalker lightsaber; silently looking at both halves and tinkering.

Humor dots the book–thanks in large part to Soule’s writing of Poe–which is more akin to Episode VII‘s style than Episode VIII, with all three characters providing a chorus to Poe’s tale. There’s a bit of a meander through Star Destroyers, deserts, and plot holes (filled), but with all of the ephemera handled deftly. As is the art, which (barring a couple of toothy panels) was good to excellent as produced by Angel Unzueta and Arif Prianto.


My version of the issue had a stellar cover (top image), which, if produced as a poster, would sell as fast as the comic. Speaking of which, I’ve heard this issue is selling very quickly (thank you to Tim at the “One Stop Shop” in Clinton, Mass.), so head to your local purveyor and pick it up quickly.

BTW: Did I already mention that Rey is TINKERING with the Skywalker lightsaber, even as she is delivering a line like, “One man with a laser sword.”


And then, later, Poe says of Kylo Ren, “I believe you’re both familiar with him. Delightful guy. Real charmer.”

[Fist pump]

Honestly, it’s a MUST for any fan of the movies, nevermind the comics.


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