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Monday Morning Distraction – Solo: A Star Wars Story Style

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes - April 16, 2018

So, over the weekend — sorry, Jason, “Wookie Weekend” — someone asked me where my excitement level is for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Rogue One
Rogue One was awesome. Go ahead, @ me…

Generally, I keep my cards close to the vest on my predictions, concerns, and excitement regarding anything Star Wars. Most of my acquaintances do not know about my pastime, and when they do, they either…

  1. put a little too much stake in what I say.
    I am just a fan, seldom privileged to any inside info beyond what I find on the net (or through reporting)
  2. and tell me that they don’t agree and try to convince me why they are right.
    I mean, if you want to try to persuade me that The Last Jedi is apocryphal, have at it, but that ain’t bringing Luke back and it ain’t changing my review. I’ve seen it 11 — that’s ELEVEN times in the theater (and now have it on video). My opinion changed between viewings one and two and is now set. Dig?

And can you imagine the hate I’d receive if I told folks that the movie I watch most often (recently) is Rogue One? Blasphemy! Jyn, Cassian, K2, Chirrut, Baze, and Bode are so compelling.

Sold on Solo

But damn, trying to keep my excitement about the Han Solo standalone is getting pretty tough. Every teaser/trailer/TV spot has me refreshing Firefox to see when tickets might go on sale. And for the record, I couldn’t give a damn about Infinity War.

I am sold on Solo, and no amount of #notmyhan is going to dissuade me believing that Solo: A Star Wars Story is going to be fun. So, as I sit at my desk at 6:55 AM, join me as I go through all of the spots thus far, and review with some of my favorite vids (and other ephemera).

Hey, I have pointed out some of these videos before. But when I am at work, I need ease of distraction, and so do you. Enjoy the one-stop-shopping. Here is the playlist of official vids:

Scott Mendelson — the top movie business journo in my book — saw fit to write about the new TV spot:

An excellent breakdown, with the notable passage:

No, he doesn’t monologue or have a passionate speech, but compared to the previous marketing tidbits, young Han Solo is somewhat front-and-center as the lead in his own prequel movie. The previous spots were mostly framed around its protagonist, with Woody Harrelson getting the good lines, Emilia Clarke getting the glamor bits and Donald Glover being the coolest cat in the room without breaking a sweat. This led to fears that Ehrenreich’s performance, already under scrutiny due to behind-the-scenes melodrama, was weak enough to justify not exposing it to pre-release audiences.

A playlist of Star Wars Explained’s breakdowns is in order:

Alex then broke down the current TV spot on Twitter (slacker):

Mr. Sunday Movies did his thing:

Oh, and I love this gif:

Hello Greedo weighed in:

New Rockstars Erik Voss broke it down:

John Campea wears the best Star Wars hat I’ve ever seen (and does a fun play-by-play breakdown, too):

Perri Nemiroff continues to be my favorite movie reviewer/journalist:

And finally, a new entry into my personal lexicon, The Movie Couple:

Okay, something else just came across the interwebs, so I am going to stop this list, here. But, I got you to lunchtime, no? Have a great Monday and hit me up on Twitter if you want to talk Solo. JB


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