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New image of Han And Chewie from Solo: A Star Wars Story!

USA Today has released a new image from Solo: A Star Wars Story featuring the legendary duo themselves, Han Solo and Chewbacca.

This looks to be the same planet where Han will encounter Enfys Nest as seen in the trailers. USA Today also provided a small interview with Alden Ehrenreich where he describes Han and Chewie’s relationship in the film:

“Chewie’s about 190 years old, so he’s not exactly young in Wookiee terms,” Ehrenreich says. “They both have very strong personalities so they butt heads a little bit.” The two also get caught up in an epic heist, though Han isn’t yet the cynical scoundrel Harrison Ford plays in the first Star Wars. “He’s more of an idealist in hardscrabble circumstances, dreaming of a better life and all the adventures he’s going to have,” Ehrenreich says. “Part of the fun is watching him face reality and learn some hard lessons.”

If you haven’t checked out the latest trailer for Solo, definitely make some time in your day to watch it!

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