New mode “Ewok Hunt” coming to Star Wars Battlefront II

EA announced this morning that a new game mode in Star Wars Battlefront II is coming called “Ewok Hunt”. In this mode you’ll be able to play as various Ewoks and hunt down stormtroopers on Endor. EA elaborated some more on what to expect over on its official site:

“In the new mode, you start as an Ewok or in a group of stormtroopers. The ambush begins as the Ewok attacks the unsuspecting stormtroopers, using spears, Wisties, and whatever abilities they can muster to take down the intruders. Each stormtrooper defeated spawns as another Ewok. If the Empire’s forces have been completely eliminated, the Ewoks win and their celebration can begin. However, the stormtroopers’ superior training and firepower are more than a match for the frantic Ewoks. Armed with an arsenal of weapons as well as flashlights to cut through the darkness, players must hold back the Ewok ambush if they have a hope of surviving until an extraction team can arrive.“

EA also released a really cool trailer for the new mode:

I’m personally really excited for this mode. It’s something new and exciting for the game that I’ve been wanting for a while now. The new mode will be released on April 18th and we will definitely be playing it!

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