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New Star Wars Land Layout Details

Galaxy's Edge cantina to offer table & quick service options

Galaxy’s Edge model (3/4)

Another Thursday, another “Star Wars Land” update from YouTube’s DSNY Newscast.

“One of the most eagerly anticipated moments for most Star Wars fans will be the opportunity to walk into an actual bustling Cantina, just like Luke and Obi-Wan,” explained host Jack Kendall on April 19, and referencing Mos Eisley Cantina of A New Hope fame. ” Disney is going to be making this a reality.

“The Cantina within Galaxy’s Edge will be a Full-Table Service sitdown restaurant within the land. However, since trying to get reservations for this restaurant will probably be harder than getting into the ‘Be Our Guest’ restaurant at the Magic Kingdom– luckily–it’s being reported by insiders [that the] Cantina will be split between two sections.”

Shades of Mos Eisley

Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes (StarWars.com)

“One large area for the Table Service will feature live music via a small performance area; another [will be] a casual ‘Quick Service’ bar section,” explained Kendall. “So, you’ll be able to experience a little bit of that Cantina authenticity like Luke and Obi-Wan without having to have a reservation.”

It’s the layout of the new space, which is giving such strong hints as to the use of the new buildings and their environment as well as Disney’s work toward creating a uniquely immersive environment.

“Reputable insider ‘Marni1971’ from WDWMagic Forums gave more insight on the layout,” explained Jack. “Overlay this info onto the latest satellite images provided by Near Map of Disneyland’s version of Galaxy’s Edge [and you may see] more of the buildings have been constructed.”

Merchant’s Row

Image provided by DSNY Newscast

Kendall also noted that the Walt Disney World version still remains a few months behind the West Coast edition, which he used in the graphics.

“[A] massive block of conjoined buildings will be where Merchant’s Row is within Galaxy’s Edge, which is the shopping area that is meant to elicit the feeling of a bustling market area like Marrakech,” Kendall reported. “And the infamous Cantina… will be located directly across from the Falcon attraction, as here we can see a partially built building for where this predominantly table service and partly quick service restaurant experience will be.”

Jack also made mention of the construction of Anaheim’s Millennium Falcon, and the progress shown at WDW. Be sure to watch his video, as he goes in depth regarding comparison between photos and graphics.


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