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Now, This is Podcasting! Episode 226: Playing with my Ewok Hunt & The Masters of Teriyaki!

This episode of “Now, This is Podcasting!” is brought to you by Topps Digital Star Wars Card Trader! Be sure to download the app today on iOS or Android and trade with the Making Star Wars team!

Join Sal, Randy, Corey, and Jason along with comedian Steele Saunders of “Steele Wars” for this all new episode!

  • Business
  • Interview with Zen Studios’ Chris Baker on the new Last Jedi Pinball tables!
  • Solo TV spot breakdown!
  • New Solo posters
  • Solo character descriptions
  • New Solo pics from Empire magazine
  • The Last Shot brief discussion
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II introduces Ewok Hunt!
  • Corey’s teacher is a lady ghostbuster or something
  • Pod People: E-mail discussions


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