Star Wars Hotel

DSNY Newscast Graphic. Please note: Gold indicates the area outlined as suitable for construction.

We now know the location of Disney’s Star Wars Hotel in Florida.

According to DSNY Newscast’s Jack Kendall, the new resort, which will be set back from — but adjacent to — Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

From Lake Buena Vista to the Edge of the Galaxy

“Until now, we’ve not had any clear signs as to the timescale or confirmed location,” said Kendall on (Tuesday, April 4). “It was in July of 2017, that I first reported that the location would be adjacent to Galaxy’s Edge, the part of this newly excavated land for the expanded Parking lot.

“But now thanks to the South Florida Water Management District filings, we can see that the exact location where Disney is looking to put the Hotel… set slightly back from the initial rumored location last year.

“And there may be a reason for this, as we’ve detailed the fact that every guest cabin will have digital window view of the Galaxy, and no part of the hotel will have standard windows into the outside surroundings of WDW as that would ruin the illusion of being aboard a spaceship, with the one exception being the ground level standard check-in, as that will look like a normal Disney hotel.”

The Next Step in Themed Entertainment

Star Wars Hotel

DSNY Newscast Graphic. A wider view of the area designated for construction.

However, this will be no normal resort at Walt Disney World.

Star Wars Hotel promises to be the closest thing anywhere in the world, to be able to live the lifestyle of your Star Wars favorite characters,” reiterated Kendall. “The hotel is said to be the next logical step in themed entertainment experiences, as you will eat, sleep, breathe the Star Wars adventure for those 24-48 hours you are within the resort.

But the location of the hotel, set back as it is from Hollywood Studios, will make for exciting updates down the road (pun intended).

“Disney may be choosing to set the resort further back and hidden from guest view, which would also add to the level of mystique around the resort, and the magic of being aboard a Star Wars ship,” explained Kendall. “However, with this hotel being located further back from Galaxy’s Edge, it does raise an interesting dilemma as to how this resort will have direct access, as has been previously confirmed by Disney, into Galaxy’s Edge.

“As the possibility of a permanent access bridge or tunnel seems less likely now, but the corner edge of the site outlined to the corner edge of the Galaxy’s Edge property is only around 300 meters, which isn’t entirely implausible for a direct access route.”

Speaking of Galaxy’s Edge

While he focused on Florida, Kendall also gave an update on the construction of the East Coast version of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

“WDW is quite a bit behind Disneyland’s version, but at least in the aerial image we can find the exit door area and the foundations being readied for the steel to put in place, to create the cyclonical crashed part of the ship that we can see in the model [for the Battle Escape Attraction],” said Kendall. “Additionally, we can see the construction pillars in place around the entrance to the Battle Escape attraction, as we know the entrance will differ greatly to the Disneyland Verison, as the layout of the land is wider and not a tightly constricted.

“But we can also see that work has now begun on the Merchant’s Row section of Galaxy’s Edge, that will be predominately the retail district of the new land.”

As always, thanks to Jack for the Update. Be sure to check out the video for a more comprehensive explanation of everything happening at the edge of the Star Wars galaxy.