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Pinball (Wizard!): Listen to the Zen Studios’ interview we did with Chris Baker on the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi tables!

On the last episode of “Now, This is Podcasting!”, Jason and Randy sat down with Chris Baker of Zen Studios’ Star Wars: The Last Jedi Pinball to talk about the new tables and about pinball in general. You can listen to the interview in its entirety on “Now, This is Podcasting!”‘s Patreon page as free content. Or you can check out the interview in the episode itself. Chris is also a LucasArts veteran and shares a few stories about what it is like when George Lucas walks into your workspace or the cafeteria.

Thanks to Zen Studios and Chris Baker for the opportunity to sit down and chat with us! We really love the pinball tables they’ve put out over the last few years and The Last Jedi tables are no exception.

About NTIP’s Patreon Page:

You can support NTIP on Patreon or not. The choice is entirely yours.  On our Patreon page for the podcast we do offer additional content and supplemental materials not available on the standard episodes that are more concerned with the show itself. The Patreon itself is setup to support upkeep of the show, mics, cables, travel expenses and processors that set the show apart. Some months we offer over 14 hours of free content and discussions so it is a chance for supporters to chip in a dollar or twenty five cents per episode a month to help out with costs and pizza.


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