Podcast 2187 Episode 96: Solo Trailer!

Join Tim, Andrea, and Jared in this fun episode as they talk about:

  • The Solo trailer
  • Han and Lando in the trailer
  • Andrea and the trailer music
  • We Miss Mark
  • Ewok Hunt
  • Sabacc game

We really had a lot of fun in this episode, and we hope you all have a great time with us as well.  Oh, and by the way, contact us for our upcoming 100th episode!  You can E-MAIL | TWEET | or CALL/TEXT us at 346-800-2187!


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Tim is a lifelong Star Wars geek. His favorite books are the Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels. If you say you don't like John Williams, JJ Abrams, or Brian Tyler, prepare to be corrected.

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