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A new Solo: A Star Wars Story featurette was released today entitled “Becoming Solo”. The featurette follows Alden Ehrenreich as he “becomes” the new Solo. They promise us we’ll see how Solo becomes the guy we know and the follow him as he endures the challenges he has to face. There’s another cool moment where we see that Chewie has a longer name when he growls.  Emilia Clarke comments that Han’s essentially a guy that does stupid things but they work and they work with bravado.

It really is rad to see so many new shots that could have been in the trailers show up here. This is definitely one of the best looks at Solo so far. I can’t wait to see the moment that Lando and Han meet the lodge. That scene has a vibe about it that I dig.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits the theater on May 25th!

UPDATE: Screenshots added!

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