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I was surprised as anyone (or do I mean everyone?) when the latest bit of promotional material for Solo: A Star Wars Story was tweeted out on Sunday afternoon.

It is, perhaps, the best bit of teaser we’ve had since the film was announced and I remain impressed at how many details we are fed in this latest outing.

However, I’m not shocked that the fine folks at Disney and Lucasfilm saved the best “sizzle” (thanks Steele) until that last few weeks before the film bows on May 24 and 25.

On a weekend dominated by news of Avengers: Infinity War’s record-breaking performance, many outlets found time to tease the new featurette, and focus on the many details the clip brings to light.

Anthony Breznican on wrote:

In addition to learning how Han Solo built himself from the ground up, we’re also going to get a sense of how the Empire came to establish its iron grip over the galaxy.

Meanwhile, Phil Szostak — Lucasfilm Creative Art Manager, author of The Art of The Force Awakens, The Art of The Last Jedi & The Art of Solo: A Star Wars Story — weighed in:

None other than Ron Howard — you know, the guy directing the film — added some fun to the day’s discussion:

Earlier in the weekend, Howard was still promoting the previous teaser – a TV spot entitled, “Han.” And, well, he added a few details about the production being wrapped. NBD.

Speaking of Howard, The Hollywood Reporter quoted him in their breakdown.

And Deadline focused on how the new film will show us an expanded universe:

Julie Muncy at io9 wrote:

Some of the footage here, shown around clips of the cast and crew chatting about Han’s evolution as a character, is really intriguing… Is that Han as an Imperial footsoldier? Is this footage from early in Han’s adulthood, or a glimpse of some classic Star Wars undercover work? How deep does his history with the Empire go? And it’s pretty much confirmed now that Han gave Chewbacca that name, yeah?

And, as always, Alex Damon was back with another fabulous trailer breakdown:

A little bit under the radar was this piece, tweeted out by @aehrenreichnews:

And we’re going to take both Han and Lando’s advice…

Lando: You might want to quit while you’re ahead…

Han: You might want to quit while you’re behind…

Either way, you’re set up for your Monday, with plenty of between-work reading. I’m off (woo!) so hit me up on Twitter if you’d like to waste some more time. JB