Solo: A Star Wars Story Lego Sets Review

New Star Wars builds are kid and parent approved

There are Solo: A Star Wars Story spoilers ahead…

Two New Star Wars Sets

When I got two of the most recent Star Wars Lego sets, a good friend said, “I love Han’s speeder…  one of my favorite small-sized sets in recent memory.”


His prognostication did not disappoint.

All of my children come to Star Wars fandom differently.

Luke, almost two–well–he was born into it on May 4th and routinely carries lightsabers around the house menacing our guests. Jack, who turns eight this weekend, has enjoyed each of the new movies with his old man, casually critiquing and asking questions.

Scott, five, is the most reluctant (he finds it scary), and only experiences the Saga through his Lego sets.

Thank the Maker for Lego

So, it is with some trepidation that I bring home Legos, as they have no value to Scotty beyond their pure worth as a build. NONE.

When they arrive, he checks the brick count, the age recommendation (I’m serious), studies the pictures, and is excited when he recognizes a character or vehicle. So, when, after flying through his work on the “Imperial Patrol Battle Pack,” when he took over the work on “Han Solo’s Landspeeder,” I was thrilled.

When Scott got a little confused as to what exactly was building, I showed him the scene in the trailer:

His eyes lit up…

The Build

Ignoring the pleas of baby Luke, Scott, our little professor–who wears red glasses because of his love of Iron Man and Tony Stark–went to work. He harrumphed and pouted and pushed up at his glasses, reading each section of directions.

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He asked for help a few times, but shooed Dad away as soon as he “figured it out.” Within an hour, he pushed up his specs, smiled, and pronounced himself done. Scott then agreed to do a video review:

[videopress HOSiqJqb]

Scotty isn’t the only one to give two “fives” and a “thumbs up.”

Solo - Chase Scene - Review

Out of Five Stars

Both sets got high marks from both young and old. The "Imperial Battle Pack" was exciting because of the four character minifigs and the relative ease of the build. "Han Solo's speeder" was immediately embraced thanks to the colors, the young Solo minifig, and the secret compartments. This time, the relative difficulty of the speeder made for a nice challenge for my young Master Builder and brought the worth of the time spent on the set to newfound levels. Two great sets. Two great builds.

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