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Stephen Stanton private signing will benefit Starlight Children’s Foundation: Obi-Wan, Raddus! Mas Amedda, Grand Moff Tarkin, AP-5 and so many more!

Our good bud Stephen Stanton is doing a private signing for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. I hope you will procure one of Stephen’s autographs from this special event. Trust me, Stephen plays at least five Star Wars characters you love because he’s played more Star Wars characters than anyone. But most of all this is going to help us get things like gowns for children, Fun Centers in Pediatric wards, Grant a Wish endeavors and so on. These things all make a difference to hospitalized children.

This is a really good opportunity to do something good with our fandom that gives us a unique item for our Star Wars collections and helps a great charity for children that could use our help. It is a win/win.

  • April 23rd is last day to order.
  • Items to be signed must arrive by April 26th.
  • You can send in Topps Authentics or Official Pix photos. So if you like a photo of AP-5 from Official Pix that isn’t on the Topps site, you can do it that way.

Here’s is the Official Pix release:

Official Pix is very happy to announce that we’ll be conducting a private signing with our good friend Stephen Stanton! Known best for voicing Grand Moff Tarkin, Garri, Jay Igno, Moralo Eval, Mas Amedda, Mak Plain, Colonel Meebur Gascon, Preigo, and many more in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Grand Moff Tarkin & AP-5 in Star Wars Rebels, the voice of Admiral Raddus in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ​and more than a hundred other voices in over 140 titles! The best part about this is that 100% of Stephen’s proceeds will go to benefit The Starlight Children’s Foundation. Orders will run through Monday, April 23rd and all Send-In items must arrive by Thursday, April 26th. Click here to place your order now!

Head over and order your autograph. I’m going to pick up this Raddus because it is…wait for it…rad.

Please place your order now! Help the kids, get a cool memento, and do something good. There’s no buyer’s remorse in this which is nice!


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