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THE SITH LIST EPISODE 87- Ready Player Jedi -The Easter Egg Episode

Easter Egg Prize Inside!

This week, on Episode, 87 of “THE SITH LIST” Iraj, Boo (Carlos), Les, and Eric are back from a mini vacation and they jump right into a pool of Geekdom! The Last Jedi deleted scenes, Ready Player One review and much much more. Make sure you listen for that special (Easter Egg) sound and be the first 3 to send TSL @thesithlist a DM for some cool prizes!


  • Bootnni or Boo Berry Brown?
  • Speilberg knocks off T’Challa at the box office
  • Star Wars Chit Chat -TLJ deleted scenes, Mark Hamill viewing order of the saga and what he thinks about replacing Carrie Fisher in Ep. 9
  • Woody Harrelson in the Marvel universe?
  • Ready Player One review
  • King Tom has some cool questions for us
  • JP makes us feel like we’re 10 again
  • Emails

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