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30 seconds of the scene where Solo meets Val and Tobias from Solo: A Star Wars Story, more TV spots, and screenshots!

Jimmy Kimmel aired a clip of Han Solo meeting Val and Tobias Beckett on Mimban in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Val and Beckett are dressed as Imperials but Solo figures out they’re not with the Empire as their uniforms have blaster marks on them and they’re thieves or they can heal really fast. The interplay between the characters is really good, surprisingly good.

We used to theorize on the podcast that Han served with Tobias and Val before being booted from the Empire for “having a mind” of his own. Now, we can see that he actually scopes them out on a job. Is Han doing the same thing at this moment or is he with the Empire at this time in some capacity? Soon!

There’s also two spots included before the clip from the Zcure1 YouTube channel. Check it out:



Solo: A Star Wars Story opens on May 25th. We’re almost there. I can’t wait for this movie. Sincerely, I think it is going to be the most fun Star Wars they’ve made. I love Han Solo and I am dying to see him in his first feature film. It will be here before we know it!

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