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An early look at the AT-AT walkers from Disney Park’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

At the Galactic Nights panel held at Disney World, they apparently had a look at the AT-AT walkers they made for the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (that place we’re all still calling Star Wars Land out of habit). These walkers will be seen in the Falcon ride they’re making as well based on the test footage we saw recently. A while ago, we saw a look at the wireframes going up via Disney in a blog update. Now today we are seeing what they look like in a more finished state.

Inside the Magic shared the full video of the panel:

Bioreconstruct on Twitter shared these photos along with an aerial photo from July of 2017 identifying where they go. I think you can see these walkers from the parking lot at Disneyland as the structures look kinda similar but I may be wrong.

The photos:

The AT-AT is most likely the First Order AT-AT design we saw in Star Wars: The Last Jedi as this theme park’s story takes place during the First Order/Resistance era of Star Wars. The details appear to be the same as the smaller AT-AT walkers that walk beside the gorilla walkers (aka MT-M6 walkers). The red rusty details might imply these walkers are even fresh from Crait.

I’m sure you’re all pretty tired of me telling you how excited I am for Galaxy’s Edge. But every time they show anything, it just looks better and better. In California we never got the life-sized walker or the skiff. The only thing we ever got was a poorly translated X-wing which hung in an arcade for a few years before being hung in the store where no one really notices it. I’m really looking forward to this!

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