Whether it’s for the end of the media embargo or everyone else’s chance to see Solo: A Star Wars Story, right now, waiting is the name of the game.

Thankfully, in the interim, new pics, thoughts, and footage continue to eek out.

Spoilers for the film may be ahead…

Behind the Scenes of Solo

Yesterday, USA Today posted their coverage of the upcoming movie, and that included a behind the scenes video featuring Director of Photography Bradford Young and a cavalcade of other cast and crew members.

“This is a Star Wars film about rebels on the run,” said Young to the documentary cameras. “One of the things that struck me was this film had to be natural; it had to be about characters putting their feet on natural surfaces.

“So, it just felt like everything had to be coming from the right place,” he added. “It all had to feel legitimate.”

And, even on a small screen, it does… Watch the video:

USA Today’s Brian Truitt wrote:

The video shows new footage from Solo — including a reunion between Lando and Han’s old love interest, Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke) — as well as glimpses of several new aliens and droids, a quick appearance by longtime Star Wars actor Warwick Davis, and a peek at the 1,000-plus costumes created for the film, the most ever for a Star Wars project. (Lando’s wardrobe aboard the Millennium Falcon is a sight to behold.)

There be more to learn about Solo: A Star Wars Story, soon. The media embargo ends today. JB

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