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Blue Harvest Episode 149: Hawes Solo and the Paradise Snare

Eric Strothers saves the day when Hawes has technical difficulties.

  • Solo premiers at Cannes
  • A Lando movie in the works?
  • TMZ has a strange report about the Obi Wan movie.
  • Celebration 2019 is announced!

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • King Tom is still unsure about the Obi Wan movie.
  • Liam the Butcher has some suggestions for Will’s playlist.
  • Matt Frost recast Star Wars with musicians.
  • Willis trolls Hawes.
  • Eduardo has questions about the live action series.

Like out theme song? Then be sure to check out the band that was kind enough to provide the music. They are Stoned Cobra and you can find them on iTunes, Spotify or at:

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