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Disneyland After Dark: Inside the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Panel at the Fantasyland Theater!

Our good friends Uptown Rusty Brown and his superstar sister Downtown Brittani Brown of the excellent Canto Bight Dispatch podcast attended the overnight Star Wars event at Disneyland for MakingStarWars.net. While Amanda and I “manned” the Solo: A Star Wars Story ticket buying battle station for our group, those adventurers were staying up all night at Disneyland to see the Star Wars festivities. It appears they’re having more fun.

Britney took copious notes from the presentation from the presentation at the Fantasyland Theater. Phones had to be bagged for security reasons so there was no audio or video footage shot of the event. Here is a breakdown of what was discussed:

  • Batuu as a destination for spacers has been around for centuries.
  • Batuu is an Outer rim trading port turned into “great destination.”
  • Galaxy’s edge includes a marketplace that is “centuries old” that will bring all our senses to life. Droids and creatures will be seen and heard through this area.
  • 2 Epic attraction adventures (The Falcon Experience & The Resistance vs First Order)
  • The Resistance vs First order ride is described as being “most ambitious attraction” (more info will be released soon).
  • A clip of Galaxy’s Edge construction:  footage of the construction including putting up steel for the interior shops and buildings. More structures too (some were even painted).
  • The goal of Walt Disney World was to step into different worlds, Galaxy’s Edge is trying to do the same with the Star Wars galaxy.
  • Falcon Talk: Imagineers met with legendary Star Wars concept artist Doug Chiang to perfect the interior and exterior of the falcon. It is very detailed.
  • They officially said we’ll be able to step into the Falcon itself. The flight crew on this experience controls the ship in which “completely new environments will be explored” and ILM helped create these new worlds for this particular experience.
  • “We’re putting so much love and attention to this project” was their final bold statement.
  • Plus Ron Howard and Emilia Clarke were on the screen for a moment expressing how excited they are for Solo: A Star Wars Story and Galaxy’s Edge!

We recently covered some NVIDIA footage from the Falcon ride showing how the ride will utilize several video cards linked via SLI to bring a really high quality flight simulator type effect for the new attraction. You can see that work here. I think it is going to be super addictive trying to get that high score up.

I’ve been chronicling the the development of Galaxy’s Edge since it was rumored after the Lucasfilm acquisition. Living so close to Anaheim, my family has annual passes to Disneyland where I make them wait for a few minutes each visit so I can take photographs of the exterior building progress. Follow our Instagram to get those photos as I take them weekly if that sort of thing interests you.


As they left they were given this rad Solo: A Star Wars Story poster:

Thanks again to our good friends Uptown Rusty Brown and his superstar sister Downtown Brittani Brown of the excellent Canto Bight Dispatch podcast for their help and attending the panel we could not!

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