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EA gives first details on Star Wars: Battlefront II Han Solo Season free content!

The Solo Season

EA has released information on what’s coming in phase one of the Solo: A Star Wars Story content aka The Solo Season. Sadly, we won’t see any Solo film content until June, sometime shortly after the film’s release, so don’t get too excited just yet. However, the information on what’s coming in the free content off the bat is pretty rad. We can expect the content to begin hitting our systems on May 16th, 2018.

We’re gonna get to revisit Jabba’s Palace!

Available in Blast, Hero Showdown, or Heroes vs. Villains, players will be able to iron out their differences in the twists and turns of Jabba’s abode.

The part I dig the most is we’re getting two new skins, one for Leia and for Lando. As expected, we’ll get their Jabba’s palace costumes so Leia will be Boushh and Lando will be in his skiff guard outfit (or is it Kessel Guard now?). Either way, that’s badass news.

Hero Showdown!

There’s going to be a new mode called Hero Showdown where you can play as heroes in a duo mode. I particularly think this is going to be pretty fun as I’ve leveled most of the heroes to a point where I have maxed out rollouts for most characters.

– you’ll be able to take your favorite pairings into two-on-two Heroes vs. Villains battles. Han Solo and Chewbacca vs. Boba Fett and Bossk? Yoda and Rey vs. Vader and Captain Phasma? That’s up to you, but once a round is won, you must pick another duo for the next round. Bring out your wits and tactics for this one.


For offline fans of “Arcade Mode” there’s going to be a new Starfighter Custom Arcade. It sounds like a good way to get to play with the hero ships it can be hard to unlock during a match so hopefully when you get to use it in online mode you’re a pro at the Falcon or Slave One or whatever your ship of choice is.

More on the Legendary Skin!

The Community Transmission board has further elaboration on the Solo Season. I’m looking forward to getting the Boushh outfit and hearing Leia speak Ubese as they’re giving her new lines via the first Legendary Skin. The new lines are always a nice addition to this sort of thing and I love that creepy smoker’s voice Boushh has.

Quality of Life Fixes

There’s also a lot of “quality of life” fixes coming which are supposed to allow us to get to our favorite modes faster. They’ve clustered the modes into a better layout than the clunky one we have today, which is great news too. They’re also replacing that holographic effect from everything in the menu which is nice. I hate looking at the character models in that way. We’re also going to be able to spend our skill points in between rounds which was the most annoying feature lacking in the basic release of the game. Now you won’t have to leave a team you’re clicking well with because you need to upgrade your characters and are dying to put your skill points into your heroes, troops, and ships.

We are adding Score Milestones for each Trooper, Hero and Specials. Troopers will receive three tiers, while Heroes and Specials will have two new tiers.


The first part of this update sounds really cool. I’m kind of bummed we won’t get to play as characters or models from the Solo film just yet. However, the original trilogy content of Jabba’s palace, Lando Skiff Guard, and bounty hunter Leia is pretty badass when you place it next to the new quality of life fixes. I really do love this game and I’m glad it continues to improve all the time.

If you’re playing the game, which I assume you are if you’re reading this, get on and earn your credits so you can buy those new skins and it sounds like you’re gonna need a lot more credits for the June update, so get to battle frontin’!

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