Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes – May 1, 2018

On Monday, just before 10:00 PM Eastern time, Dolby Cinema tweeted:

I’ll tell ya: Solo: A Star Wars Story’s poster game remains on point. This gaze-grabber might be my favorite of the bunch.

Dolby’s poster reveal came on the heels of this past weekend’s Solo: A Star Wars Story featurette – both marking some significant signposts on the way to the first showings of the film on May 24 and 25. However, entertainment news, in general, has been dominated by the meteoric rise of Avengers: Infinity War’s astounding box office take; dollar numbers which overtook Star Wars: The Force Awakens overwhelming opening in 2015.

Lucasfilm acknowledged their cousin company’s accomplishment with the following message:

Several outlets, including Fandango’s Erik Davis, mentioned this harkens back to George Lucas and Steven Spielberg’s back-and-forth messaging while they broke each other’s records:

The friendly hand-off of the hero lightsaber might amuse at the moment, and while nobody expects Solo: A Star Wars Story  to do anywhere near that kind of bow (so you can cool it with the early “flop” stories), one wonders what Lucasfilm will have in store when Episode IX debuts in 2019 and attempts to take back the top spot.

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