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James Mangold to write and direct Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story?

The Hollywood Reporter has been super reliable when it comes to Star Wars stand-alone film and casting announcements. THR is reporting that a Boba Fett Star Wars Story is happening and that’ll it be directed and written by the very talented James Mangold!

James is well known for writing films like Logan and The Wolverine. Logan is an incredible film that really changes the idea of how a Superhero/Si-Fi film can be made. The moment I was done watching Solo: A Star Wars Story I wanted a Boba Fett Film. I never did prior to that, but after seeing what an amazing job Ron Howard did with “Underworld” type characters, I knew I was ready for a Fett film. The big question is, who would play Boba?

If you ask me, start with Daniel Logan and then do a time jump so Temuera Morrison can jump in. This is also a perfect opportunity to start seeing the rivalry that Han and Fett supposedly have. Alden Ehrenreich could definitely also star in the film. This is now two standalone films that haven’t been announced by Lucasfilm yet, including Kenobi. Hopefully we get an official announcement for both Fett and Kenobi in the coming weeks!

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