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John Boyega hints at time jump for Star Wars: Episode IX?

John Boyega recently was interviewed byYahoo  where he dropped a little bit of news regarding Star Wars: Episode IX. The film starts shooting at the end of next month, leaving Boyega with plenty of time to “grow out his hair.”

“The first step is growing out my hair, so you can wait for the trailer to see why.”

I think the fact that Boyega is growing out his hair is a huge indicator that we are indeed getting a time jump for Episode IX. The Last Jedi ended with the Resistance broken and on the run. As we all know, Carrie Fisher unexpectedly passed away in December of 2016, making it impossible for Leia to appear in Episode IX without CGI or recasting the role. A time jump can really work to explain what happened with Leia over the time that has passed between The Last Jedi and Episode IX. We last left Finn on board the Falcon with the rest of the Resistance. In the coming months there are bound to be set photos released showcasing Finn in his new look. Boyega mentioned that we’ll see Finn with his new hair in the trailers for the film, so it’s pretty safe to say that’ll be his look for the entire film. Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters December 20th, 2019.

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