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L3 tells Han Solo to get his presumptuous ass out of her seat in a new Solo: A Star Wars Story clip from Fallon!

Phoebe Waller-Bridge appeared on The Tonight Show last night. She was a great guest and then they got to Star Wars and that’s when it got even better. They gave some basic information about how she’s playing L3 and difficulties using the restroom in the CGI leotard with the robots attachments. But they also showed a photo of her filming suit which might show L3 liberating the miners on Kessel?

The Solo: A Star Wars Story clip comes at about 5:48 into the video. L3 kicks Han Solo out of the co-pilot’s seat tell him to “get his presumptuous ass out of my seat.” The more I see of L3, the more I like. The clip has Lando explaining that you can’t just plot a direct course to Kessel and apparently L3 and Lando do something weird to keep her functioning correctly that Lando finds slightly uncomfortable…

I’m feeling the score. Every clip we hear of it is interesting. Also here’s a gallery of stills from the clip:

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens on May 25th! Be there or be square!

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