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Ron Howard on “Solo: A Star Wars Story” – “It’s about a lawless corner of the Empire…”

Fandango follows up recent Lucasfilm featurette with an informative Q & A

Possible spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story ahead…

A Great Experience

Ron Howard with Paul Bettany on the set of “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

Fan see Ron Howard’s smiling face everywhere these days – and with good reason.

And, no, it’s not (only) because Solo: A Star Wars Story is turning heads with its pre-release tickets sales.

From the sound of the many interviews he’s given during a recent media blitz, directing a Star Wars movie was a whole lot of fun for the veteran moviemaker.

“In no time, I was feeling very passionate and very personally connected to the movie,” he told Fandango’s Erik Davis in a fairly lengthy Q & A prepared to post as the site began ticket sales for the Star Wars prequel. “I’ve had a great filmmaking experience. It’s been a real adventure. I’ve learned some stuff. I’ve made some new friends.

“I really enjoyed this young cast, and I’m excited to share it with audiences,” said the director, who will be part of a Twitter Q & A today (Monday, May 7).

A Different Time

Howard shared some subtle new details in the piece — including movie and character references — which has flown under the radar since posting late last Thursday.

“It’s set in a different time. As I said in the featurette, the Empire rules everything at this point, and it’s a time of total oppression,” said Howard. “Of course, this is largely the story of this renegade, young guy, seeking freedom, trying to escape all oppression. This is a defining adventure for a young guy with a lot of swagger.

“It’s about a lawless corner of the Empire, more or less,” added Howard. “That’s what lends the movie its vibe.

“It’s kind of contemporary cool in that it has a little bit of a feel of a ’70s car-chase movie, or an edgy kind of cool gang-heist flick while being very true to the galaxy as we understand it and the tone of these movies.

“It definitely feels a little more like young Steve McQueen or James Dean or something, in terms of sort of the feel of the action and pace and that level of cool,” he told Fandango.


As reporters are want (and wanted) to do, Davis attempted to shake some spoilers free, and in some instances, Howard does much to set the stage more definitively. However, when it came time to talk about the possible inclusion of some familiar characters — Darth Vader, for example — the talkative director was decidedly less so:

“That would be spoiling the fun, now come on,” he said.

Maybe, but reading the Fandango Q & A between early e-mails, might make Monday a little more fun. JB


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