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Solo: A Star Wars Story Images shows Han and Chewie in shackles

A new ad for Solo: A Star Wars Story debuted showcasing a new scene of Han Solo and Chewbacca in shackles. Hasbro and Funko are both releasing sets of Chewie and Han in shackles so it’s cool to finally see an actual image of it from the film.

My biggest question is Lando in disguise behind them or is that a random Kessel Guard? In the trailers we see Chewbacca’s family in a similar background during the second trailer for Solo. That leads me to believe that Lando is in disguise and will help Han and Chewie rescue his family. That sounds like an amazing storyline to come to fruition. Having Lando and Han help out Chewie in that way would be so great to see. Shout out to Sam Moody for screen capping this. Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters in 3 weeks, grab your tickets now!

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