Solo: A Star Wars Story – So what did you think?

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes - May 29, 2018

My usual suspects review Solo: A Star Wars Story

Reviewer opinions of Solo: A Star Wars Story run the gamut as does the relative objectivity and cynicism of those reviewers (and I wonder if reviewers have Star Wars fatigue as opposed to the fans–the hashtag #SoloAStarWarsStory points to a whole lot of folks enjoying Solo–but I digress). I posted my review last week, but let’s take a look at the opinions some of my favorite Star Wars/YouTube reviewers.

Possible Solo spoilers are ahead.


Star Wars Explained

Hello Greedo

Mr. Sunday Movies

Perri Nemiroff

John Campea

The Movie Couple

I have seen the film three times already, and I stick by my four stars out of five review. But what did YOU think? Hit me up on Twitter @jmbishopjr and agree or disagree with me.

ICYMI: New Galaxy’s Edge Details

Yesterday, MSW Editor-in-chief posted a piece on the new details that surfaced about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge during a panel at Galactic Nights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World on Saturday.

Jason wrote:

At the Galactic Nights panel held at Disney World, they apparently had a look at the AT-AT walkers they made for the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (that place we’re all still calling Star Wars Land out of habit). These walkers will be seen in the Falcon ride they’re making as well based on the test footage we saw recently. A while ago, we saw a look at the wireframes going up via Disney in a blog update. Now today we are seeing what they look like in a more finished state.

He also pointed folks to the full panel as captured by my friends at Inside the Magic.

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Meanwhile, my good friend Jack Kendall at DSNY Newscast broke the whole thing down on his latest video.

The name of this village settlement that you’ll be visiting within Disneyland and DHS is called Black Spire Outpost, which is a haven for Resistance fighters and colorful characters and smugglers from all across the galaxy. And the name comes from the idea that Batuu has these massive ancient petrified trees that form the spires that we see in all the concept art, and are beginning to tower above the sightline at Disneyland and WDW. Now the name itself within the story is that one spire that was the blackest and most distinctive became a meeting point on Batuu, and that’s where the name is derived from…

His video is below:

Meanwhile, and I fully admit that I didn’t catch this, but a whole lot of people did.

In Solo: A Star Wars Story Val tells Beckett:

You couldn’t get from here to Black Spire without me.


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