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Solo: A Star Wars Story – “Team” TV Spot Debuts

New television trailer features entire Solo squad

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes – May 2, 2018

Was it worth the wait? Maybe… We’ll all know in 22 days or so when Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts.

However, there’s little doubt that Lucasfilm has pulled out all the stops as the company, its parent company Disney, and all of their affiliates push the upcoming movie into the limelight, even if all of it feels a little #latetotheparty.

Each new Solo: A Star Wars Story TV spots heightens fan anticipation for the film, set to hit theaters on May (24th and) 25th. Yesterday’s edition, “Team,” did not seem to feature any new footage, but instead pasted snippets including each member of the team assembled by Beckett.

The below playlist includes ALL of the film’s promotional videos:

I believe that “Team” is the first to mention that Solo is rated PG-13. You’ll also notice that as of 7:10 AM Eastern time, the Solo: A Star Wars Story playlist included a private video. Hmm?

Required Viewing

While we wait for whatever to drop, be sure to check out Star Wars Explained’s “April 2018 Star Wars News Roundup,” “April 2018 Star Wars Canon Update,” and the “Weekly Q & A.”

Alex Damon always mentions something I missed (or didn’t know) in these videos, so they’re required viewing for me.

Clayton is on the case

What are you doing Friday morning, May the 4th? Well, this guy will be at work, waiting for Twitter updates from our good tweep, Clayton Sandell.

Yesterday, the ABC News reporter let us in on some programming news.

Howard isn’t afraid to tease new info, so this will be an important interview on “Star Wars Day.” Might he be the first to announce when tickets for the film (Celebration?) go on sale. We shall see. We shall seeeee…

Meanwhile in Boston

The Boston Red Sox became just the latest sports team to hold a “Star Wars Night.”

I’ve seen some crazy things at Boston’s old ball yard. However, having enjoyed, played, and worked (on occasion) in and around Fenway Park (e.g., I was a backup ice hockey goalie in the 2010 Boston Bruins AT&T Legends Classic played in January on the baseball field), seeing Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers, and Chewie on the Field might be the craziest.



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