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Solo: A Star Wars Story “Vos meets Han Solo” clip!

Several Solo: A Star Wars Story clips have been released over the last few days so why not add another one to the rooster. Tonight’s clip features Dryden Vos meeting Han Solo and Chewbacca for the first time.

So a few big things are going on here. First off, we get confirmation that Han and Qi’Ra did indeed grow up together and that they didn’t just meet as young adults but probably as kids. We also see that Dryden is insinuating that he and Qi’Ra are “close”. Han definitely is bothered by this. It makes me wonder if Han was ever romantically involved with Qi’Ra or if he just doesn’t want his friend to be treated that way. I’m thinking it’s probably both of those things. Qi’Ra definitely seems to be uncomfortable by all of this. Dryden also makes sure to give more than a few jabs at both Han and Qi’Ra. He basically calls them garbage. I’m looking forward toward seeing how this all plays out. Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters in 2 weeks!


A “new” TV Spot has also been released. Only a few shots are new but it’s pretty much the same spot we’ve already seen from earlier today.



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