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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge panel! Outpost name, shuttle ride, creature stall, Nien Nunb, character names, connections, and more!

Earlier tonight we shared a story about the AT-AT walkers from Star Wars: The Last Jedi showing up at Disney Park’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There was a panel hosted by Warwick Davis and David Collins with the Imagineers from Disney who are bringing Star Wars to life at the Disney theme parks and some interesting new facts about the Star Wars land were revealed.

  • Black Spire Outpost is the name of the village on Batuu.
  • The First Order AT-AT walker looks really cool:

  • There is going to be an actual creature stall where you can examine various creatures from the Star Wars universe in person. You can see a porg in there, some more esoteric creatures, and even a Loth-cat:
  • The Resistance transport made in Asia; they say we’re going to go on an adventure in it:

  • Nien Nunb will be a part of Batuu and they actually tracked down the then-graduate student, Kipsang Rotich, who recorded his voice for Return of the Jedi, to voice Nien again:


  • Some new characters were revealed via the trading cards given out. In Solo: A Star Wars Story, Qi’ra mentions to a server that she needs to take care of Dok-Ondar aboard Dryden Vos’ yacht and you can see him on the cards. There’s also a new Resistance hero named Vi who is just asking to be the hero in a Galaxy’s Edge novel if you ask me:

The new information is pretty cool. Vi is really interesting. I’m digging that characters I just heard mentioned in a movie this weekend are going to show up in the village, as well as old favorites like Hondo Onaka! The designs feel true to Star Wars. The “petting zoo” is going to be really cool for kids and interesting for adults to visit too. I really want to a “living” porg and this seems to be promising us just that. The Loth-cat sculpt translated from the animated materials is looking fantastic. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is going to be really amazing!

Check out our initial story with the video here.

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