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New Details: Star Wars Hotel & Galaxy’s Edge Integration

DSNY Newscast keeps us up to date...

As promised, my good friend Jack Kendall at DSNY Newscast has kept everyone up to date on everything regarding Disney’s upcoming “Star Wars hotel” and “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” at Walt Disney World.

“We are still some years away from actually being able to step aboard the incredibly detailed and uniquely immersive Star Wars Hotel experience,” said Jack during Tuesday’s DSNY Newscast. “However, [questions remain] about how Disney plans on creating this next generation of themed entertainment experience.”

An immersive hotel experience

According to Kendall, answers to those questions are forthcoming.

“Disney has been testing gameplay scenarios and researching how they could develop this continuous flow storytelling for quite a while now, with a large-scale test that took place back in 2015. That was a pirate-themed that involved selected families and around 50 cast members,” he explained. “Disney has been looking back to these play tests… but the main difference here is that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is going to play a major role in the Star Wars Hotel experience.

“[Imagineers] are building in special elements and components within the land that will only be accessible to those on a mission; elements which won’t in anyway detract from the average guest experience, as it will be hidden from plain sight.”

Interesting Details on Galaxy’s Edge

This is where things get interesting. Kendall credit’s theme park expert/podcaster Len Testa (Disney Dish With Jim Hill, with details about how exactly Disney plans to keep guests at the hotel immersed in Galaxy’s Edge during their Star Wars Hotel-based adventure.

“Disney doesn’t want guests waiting around for the next interaction to begin,” explained Jack. “So instead they are working on a complex system that will provide side missions to pass the time.”

“So essentially you’ll have a kind of guide to help keep your story on track.”

Testa also pointed to continued work on AI that would make for a truly interactive experience. Meanwhile, DSNY Newscast also included an update on Star Wars land construction in Walt Disney World.

Galaxy's Edge
Photo caption: “BioReconstruct posted this image around a week ago, that showed that ground level Rockwork theming is beginning around the entrance from Grand Avenue into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.”

Thanks to DSNY Newscast for the update. Be sure to check out the channel for all of your Galaxy’s Edge news. JB


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