Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy book coming this October has announced a new book coming this fall that I’m really excited about! New from Amy Ratcliffe (The Nerdist), Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy is a collection of 75 character profiles of the women of the Star Wars universe with accompanying art by a group of extremely talented female and non-binary artists. I don’t think I’ve been excited for a new Star Wars book like this in a while!

“Chronicle Books has put together an all-star line-up of amazingly talented and diverse artists to bring some of the most important, iconic, and, at times, lesser-known characters from the entire Star Wars saga to life as we’ve never seen them before,” says Michael Siglain, creative director of Lucasfilm Publishing. “Everyone involved, from Chronicle to Lucasfilm, is extremely proud of this title, and of its extremely talented creative team. Amy Ratcliff’s insightful commentary combined with the beautiful, haunting, truly awe-inspiring art makes Women of the Galaxy a must-have for fans of the saga and for art collectors everywhere.”


I’m a huge fan of Star Wars art books. It’s pretty much the only new film merchandise that we are guaranteed to pick up in my home, and this book sounds like a stunning new addition to my collection. Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy is out October 2018 (just about when we’ll all really be missing winter Star Wars film releases).

Head on over to to read more about Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy and read an exclusive interview with the author and check out the gorgeous cover art by Jen Bartel below.


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