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This pattern feels very familiar – all of the new-era Star Wars films have followed a similar if more protracted, outline for their rollout.

However, the intensity with which Solo: A Star Wars Story material is hitting the interwebs maintains a hopefulness; a joy, which transcends the whole “good PR” trope.

Moreover, the relative bliss contained in the promotional materials, and suggested by those who furnish the news (like Director Ron Howard), is palpable. Current case in point? Composer John Powell, who yesterday posted:

Solo: A Star Wars Story Tracklist

  1. The Adventures of Han (composed and conducted by John Williams)
  2. Meet Han
  3. Corellia Chase
  4. Spaceport
  5. Flying With Chewie
  6. Train Heist
  7. Marauders Arrive
  8. Chicken in the pot
  9. Is this seat taken?
  10. L3 & Millennium Falcon
  11. Lando’s Closet
  12. Mine Mission
  13. Break Out
  14. The Good Guy
  15. Reminiscence Therapy
  16. Into the Maw
  17. Savareen Stand-off
  18. Good thing you were listening
  19. Testing Allegiance
  20. Dice & Roll

“There’s no telling what’s going on in these scenes, which is probably a good thing,” wrote Anthony Breznican on about Powell’s tracklist. “Better than what happened with the tracklist to The Phantom Menace, which spoiled “Qui-Gon’s Noble End” well before the movie opened.

Some of the track titles seem fairly self-explanatory: ‘Flying With Chewie,’ ‘Meet Han,’ ‘Train Heist.’ The only question is whether the tracks are listed in chronological order as they’re performed in the film, which opens May 25.

Speaking of Powell, the official Star Wars Twitter account posted a short video of Howard’s thoughts on working with the composer during Monday’s Q & A:

Earlier this year Howard posted this picture:

And my man, Phil Szostak posted this last weekend:

So what track intrigues you the most? Me? I want to know what “Reminiscence Therapy” is about… JB