Spoilers for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” ahead…

We’ve seen glimpses of this first scene previously; the moment when Han Solo walks into a dimly-lit bar to spy Lando Calrissian, found in the clip, “Han Meets Lando.”

“So how did you guys let me beat you on that one?” asks Captain Calrissian while collecting his winnings from a rogue’s gallery of humanoids and other beings, adding: “There’s no liars in this game, just players.”

Really the only players in this particular game of Sabacc are Han and Lando, and this occasion is one that many of us have dreamed about since 1981:

The other video also shows us a clip we’ve seen previously — with a game of holochess setting the table —  but fleshes out Chewbacca and Tobias Beckett’s characters just a little bit more than before:

“Think,” says Beckett to Chewie. “Do you want to make that move?”

Of course, Chewbacca makes a move, and Beckett takes the Wookiee’s piece, saying, “Somehow I never get bored of winning.”

Tobias also adds, while glancing at Han Solo, “Anticipate your opponent. There’s a lesson to be learned here.”

The lesson, it seems, is that lunchtime is a myth… JB