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BB-N8 is back with all the Star Wars comics news and reviews you can shake a stick at. I dig this guy’s work and his passion for Star Wars. I can’t wait to actually get into the Lando comic. I haven’t had time to get to a comic store in a while. BB-N8 has inspired me and this week I plan to head down and pick up the comics he’s laid out and explained for us this week.

Check it out:

Make sure you follow BB-N8 and his family on their podcast “Tatooine Sons“. I don’t mean to get all Holden Caulfield here, but their show is just out of a pure love for Star Wars and I dig it so much. It is a very fun show by real diehard Star Wars fans. Like us, they barely edit their show to keep it as real and live as possible. There’s no right way to do a podcast, but I like that level of authenticity.