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Blue Harvest Episode 151: NostraThomas and the Lando Quatrain

Hawes and Will fight the post vacation blues by talking about Star Wars!

  • Further thoughts on Solo
  • Solo‘s box office performance and what it might mean for the future
  • Was the end of Solo the last time Han and Lando saw each other?
  • Is the “life debt” still a thing?
  • What are the chances of Solo sequel?
  • The Alabama crew’s adventures in California

Listener e-mails and voice messages are discussed

  • King Tom, the king of all Toms, makes another Star Wars prediction
  • Edward writes in about the pre-Solo hype
  • Aaron comes bearing gifts and hugs
  • Willis writes in about Sagwa the unfortunate Wookiee
  • Tyler writes in about a moment he was afraid of seeing in Solo
  • Neal writes in after a week of thinking about Solo

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