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Blue Harvest Episode 152: Echo Brain is the Future

Hawes is joined by Criss Fresh from the “Geek Dudes” podcast and they try their best to talk about Star Wars.

  • Criss’ thoughts on Solo
  • Ron Howard’s thoughts on choosing Maul for the end of the movie
  • Lots of toy talk
  • Forgotten toy lines from the Hawes and Criss’ childhood
  • Toy lines that could be featured on future episodes of The Toys that Made Us
  • Lots of video game talk
  • Hawes and Criss’ video game history
  • What looks better, the U.S. Super Nintendo or the Super Nintendo released in the rest of the world?
  • When did Hawes and Criss feel like they were “too old” for toys?
  • A brief history of Chinese Democracy
  • Bonding over favorite moments from Some Kind of Monster

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