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Common Sense: Kathleen Kennedy Isn’t Going Anywhere

"Star Wars" rumor-mongers and haters be damned, Star Wars' boardroom boss remains in charge

Star Wars
Kennedy, Abrams & Crew on the Set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Collider)

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes – June 29, 2018

One of the delights of stepping away from Google and social media over the last few days is that now I’ve had the chance to — take a deep breath — and really take a look at all the “stuff” that’s been generated recently in one fell swoop.

And, as I poured myself a second cup of coffee, put my feet up, and attempted to stay away from the Dark Side as I read that “stuff,” the truth of things became pretty common sense, particularly as I began to understand the Star Wars news with a doubly-discerning eye.

So, instead of having to meditate (medicate?) heavily after an initial foray into the newsfeed this AM, I give you some truth — at least from my point of view — via the hand of Wired’s Alberto E. Rodriguez.

A mere 11 days ago, and in five paragraphs, my man knocked down a whole lot of (sorry) “fake news” concerning the future of the Star Wars franchise. You should re-read the entire thing before you move on to any other Star Wars news today, but below I’ve copied and pasted my favorite of the bunch, as I resist the temptation to get the passage tattooed on my hand; ready to be raised whenever someone starts whining.

Is Kathleen Kennedy Leaving Lucasfilm?

The Source: Random online gossipmongers

Probability of Accuracy: Not even slightly true.

The Real Deal: Let’s start with something that’s quite clearly wishful thinking on the part of a number of Star Wars fans: For the last couple of weeks, there have been rumors that Kathleen Kennedy is stepping down as Lucasfilm president, with Marvel’s Kevin Feige being named as her potential replacement. This is, to be blunt, complete and utter banthawash. (Look, we’re trying to keep it clean and on-topic.) Yes, Solo: A Star Wars Story underperformed, but that’s just one failure after three of the most successful movies in recent memory, and Solo had extenuating circumstances—namely, losing its original directors, which forced a reshoot of pretty much the entire movie. The idea that Kennedy would be forced to step down after that—or that fans need to speak up to save her job—is ridiculous, and betrays a particular myopia that fandom engenders; the idea that fans know best and have the inside scoop because they love the property so much. Kennedy’s position, at least in the eyes of parent company Disney, is pretty much secure; if she does step down for whatever reason—something that’s pretty unlikely—it’ll likely be a personal decision that has absolutely nothing to do with pressure from corporate overlords.

I mean, thousands of words have been spilled on this, and I am pretty sure none of it made more sense than the above graph. Unfortunately, however; that truth had some icy moments as well: “…if [KK] does step down for whatever reason…”

I really hadn’t given that much thought, but — given the intensity of the hate hurled her way — honestly, who would blame her for moving on – um, er, who wasn’t already blaming her, to begin with…

My guess? Not a chance!

And next year, after a critically-acclaimed Episode IX rakes in a cool $billion+, Kathleen Kennedy — one of the most successful people ever in Hollywood — will smile (and resist the temptation to flip the bird at everyone who wished her ill).



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