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Connecting the Star Wars Stories: Edrio "Two Tubes"

So, after my sixth viewing of Solo: A Star Wars Story, I’ve been tweeting my “hot takes”; nothing Earth-shattering, but just notes jotted down during what I assume is my last viewing in a large format theater.

However, as I prepared to move into the second half of the movie, I wanted to ensure one of my favorite “easter eggs” was, in fact, a hidden gem. So, I took to Twitter.

The Lucasfilm Story Group’s Matt Martin answered almost immediately, confirming what others have said previously (and, in the effort, breaking my heart–I love Rogue One’s Chirrut Imwe).

But a little while later, Jon Kasdan, who co-wrote Solo alongside his father Lawrence, chimed in and cheered me up.

First of all. Awesome. Second: Here’s hoping Edrio Two Tubes‘ deleted scene shows up on the BluRay.

Sure, it’s a bummer that Edrio’s soliloquy was cut. And yeah, it may never be canon. However, beyond the hot takes, easter eggs, and callbacks, it’s clear that Star Wars creators continue to collaborate to create a cohesive universe for us to enjoy.

But, in the wake of the box office blowback on Solo: A Star Wars Story, I’m hoping another Lucasfilm creator takes the final tweet of the conversation to heart.

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Connecting the Star Wars Stories: Edrio "Two Tubes"