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Dan Mindel shares photo from early work on Star Wars: Episode IX?

There have been many reports that things are getting moving at Pinewood Studios for Star Wars: Episode IX. Today cinematographer Dan Mindel shared a photo on his Instagram from Pinewood Studios. Mindel was the director of photography on J.J. Abrams; Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This doesn’t confirm anything but it does allow us to make some pretty safe assumptions that he likely is there for Star Wars. He states in his comments he will be working there until February.


Episode IX DP change?

It was originally announced that John Schwartzman was going to be the DP on Star Wars: Episode IX and it would be shot on 65mm. Perhaps that changed when Colin Trevorrow left Episode IX and it makes sense with J.J. Abrams returning he would bring Mindel back too.

Check out this video of Mindel from The Force Awakens:

Anyways, it is exciting to now another Star Wars film is in production and that we’ll see the further adventures of Rey, Finn, Poe, and BB-8 before we know it.

Thanks to Joshua Outred for the heads-up!

Here’s an image of the post incase it’s removed:
Screen Shot 2018 06 08 at 9.20.38 PM

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