Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News & Notes – June 27, 2018

Bergman cast


Let’s face it: the last few weeks have been harrowing for Star Wars social media, and a bunch of legitimate news stories flew under the radar during the fray.

Case in point: recently reported that The Last Jedi producer Ram Bergman signed to produce the upcoming Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (which is at least two years away) and he would like to film it in Israel.

“It’s a dream. I’m having the best time in my life,” he said to Fromthegrapevine’s Gerri Miller. “I’m working with the best people, Rian Johnson and all the people at Disney and Lucasfilm.

“It’s all about the work.”

And that work will keep Bergman busy for the next several years.

“It’s a completely new trilogy that writer-director Rian Johnson, my partner, is going to create,” he said. “It’s all new characters. Everything is new.”

Asked when we might see all this new stuff, Bergman demurred, explaining, “I can’t tell you because we don’t know yet. Maybe in two years; it’s just in the early stages.”

Read the whole article, in which Bergman talks about having to watch pirated versions of the original trilogy while growing up in Israel–a fun Q&A.

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